Monday, July 20, 2009

Ouch, 2 months!?!?!

You know that feeling when you need and want to do something but you just haven't gotten around to it and then a little while becomes a long while? Yeah... I started this wedding season with excitement and optimism which is all good, I just wish I would have been more prepared for complete exhaustion and loss of time.

That being said, my sincere apologies for my blogging absence. But boy do I have weddings to talk about!

I'm going to start first with a wedding that kicked off 20 min from my home town of Sauk Centre. How random to get hired for a wedding so close to home!

Beka and Ben came to me by referral from the photographer Ezra James. The couple was very cool and easy going. They knew they wanted to have an interesting wedding, but with enough traditional touches to keep the mothers happy. Ezra did an outstanding job with the photos, giving it the look of a photo shoot rather than just photo journalism.

The colors Beka chose were purples, lavenders and steel blue. I used a lot of interesting texture with thistle and berry's and combined it with the classic calla lily, roses and lilacs. I think we pleased everyone;)

Enjoy the pics!