Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ready, Set Plan!

There is a certain process or time line when it comes to planning a wedding or event. We've all seen the 9mo, 6mo, 3mo etc. check lists.

Flowers seem to be near the end of that check list. By the time I sit down face to face with you, chances are you have your venue/caterer, photographer, linens and attire already confirmed.

This leaves me little opportunity to tell you about all of the amazing people I've worked with and who are some of the best of the best in the industry. It occurred to me today that you may be reading this at the beginning of the time line, in the research phase (hopefully not at work ;) ).

Research on your vendors is vital but can also be overwhelming. I highly suggest you check out The Style Laboratory for some assistance.

The Style Laboratory is a design and planning studio. They also offer a cutting edge interactive technology called Style Stations, which allow you to access a database of tens of thousands of images of events designed and executed by the best vendors in the Twin Cities.

This service is complimentary and includes images and information on such fabulous vendors as
The Depot, W Minneapolis, D'Amico Catering, Wolfgang Puck Catering, Linen Effects, Liz Banfield Photography, Studio Laguna and many many more.

Please check it out online and better yet, in person! It may be the best thing you could do to ensure the enjoyment of the planning process!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mothers Day!

Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry designs for weddings and events more than anything, but we also love the fun individual orders we get calls for. We would love to design an individual, one of a kind piece of 'botanical art' for the Mother in your life!

We will be taking individual custom orders for delivery May 7th, 8th and 9th. There is a $60 minimum and a $10 delivery fee and deliveries can be made anywhere in the metro area.

Call or email today! Credit Cards accepted.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Your Attention Please!

While the wedding season hasn't "officially" started, I am eagerly awaiting it for 2 reasons.
1. There are some amazing weddings and designs on the books that I can't wait to work on!
2. Being able to count my best friend as my best employee!
Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry is THRILLED to announce the addition of a new "botanical artist" to the team!
Aubre Ostenberg will be joining SHBA starting this Summer!

Aubre and I at the ISES Star Awards last weekend

Aubre and I have know each other for nearly 15 years. During these years we have shared many road trips, plane rides, apartments, clothes, work days, tears and laughs.

Nine years ago, she use to hang out with me while I worked at Stems and Vines. Anyone who knows her knows she can't sit still and one day S&V decided to pay her for all the sweeping and cleaning she was doing.

Aubre quickly fell into the role of designer and has become one of the best floral designers I know.

We spent the better part of 5 years working together AS the wedding department of what was once the "premiere wedding florist" of the Twin Cities. I am thrilled and excited to see what the future brings for SHBA!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Your Man Brought You Flowers from the Grocery Store. Now What?

Please Join me for this complimentary seminar. Fun will be had! I hope to see you there!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lights. Camera. Action!

Matt Brue from Capture Studios just did a little behind the scenes footage for the short video he is shooting for SHBA's website.

I have to say that was not only painless (fear of cameras, especially video) but fun! I unfortunately do not know the jargon, but he shoots with what looks like a regular digital camera. Even in my (smallish) design studio I was able to forget he was shooting! I guess that's part of what makes his video work so natural and unstaged. Take a look at some of his work and see what I mean.

Some (neh, most) couples may think that videography is fairly low on the priority list, after all that's what Uncle Ted is for...he can stand in the back. Wrong.

I do not think there is a Bride in the world that wouldn't love to have a memory format like this of the big day. What Capture Studios does it art.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ready Set Duel!!

For the last 2 years I have had the privilege of competing in The Duel of the Design (and being on the winning team both years!).

This year I will be judging The Battle of the Bouquet, which is a competition for the guests at the duel. Anyone can participate and will have a certain amount of time to create a floral arrangement. Think Easy Bake Oven bake-off (which will also be an event there too!) I honestly have to say I am more nervous about judging than competing!?!?

Come out and see the fun! Watch the duel, eat the food, drink the drinks and possibly get your hands a little dirty participating?

This all kicks off TOMORROW night! Thursday March 11th Order tickets now!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

CRAVE Minneapolis/St Paul: The Urban Girl's Manifesto

I am very excited to be a part of a new book CRAVE Minneapolis/St Paul: The Urban Girl's Manifesto! The book is due to hit shelves this Spring. It features local women owned businesses and "informatively connects urban gals to the sassiest, gutsiest most inspiring people they need to know in Minneapolis and St Paul"

Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry will be featured for what I do, provide floral decor' for weddings, events and private dinner party's. This last one is new on the list, as far as promoting it...but I've found that some of my favorite pieces have been done for private homes. I will come to your home and coordinate with your decor', theme of the event, place settings and even use your own vases or vessels. The result has been powerful statement pieces that pull together your home in a completely customized way. Here are some examples.

Call me for your next dinner party! And definitely check out CRAVE! They are also on Facebook, take a look.

The Anniversary Party

My Girls, My Team
Last Friday I had the honor and privilege to celebrate with my closest friends, family and industry peeps! I have said it many times, but every time it rings true, I could not have done it with out them! Many many thanks!

The party was made complete with rentals from Midway Party Rental, photography by Studio Laguna, tasty treats by Muddy Paw's Cheesecake and amazing help from Hire a Host.

Hire a Host

Bartender from Hire a Host

Tables and Linens by Midway Party Rental

Muddy Paw's Cheesecake

Centerpieces of Cymbidium Orchids, fur collar and a vintage pin.

The Design Studio


I am excited to be starting a new year with new events, new clients and old. There are many great things in the works for SHBA and I will keep you posted! Also check out SHBA on Facebook for current updates.

Monday, January 11, 2010

1 YEAR!!!!

Well, I made it one year! January 1st marked my 1 year anniversary in business. In some ways it was way easier (maybe just less scarry) than I had expected and is some ways it was much harder (not a fan of 18 hour work days!). Either way, I had a blast and am still blasting!

2010 looks to be a busy and beautiful year. I have already met with many brides that are having fun cool weddings that I am honored to be a part of.

I do have to say that my #1 business "resouloution" is to keep up with photos and blogging. (Soo not my strong point) I am ashamed to see only 20 post last year! And photo's, another problem... unfortunately, remembering the camera on the check list has been missed! I am in the process of collecting professional photo's of 2009's weddings and will post ASAP.

Remember, you can also keep up to date with the going on's of SHBA on Facebook!

In closing I will leave you with a few pics from one of my last events in 2009.