Monday, January 11, 2010

1 YEAR!!!!

Well, I made it one year! January 1st marked my 1 year anniversary in business. In some ways it was way easier (maybe just less scarry) than I had expected and is some ways it was much harder (not a fan of 18 hour work days!). Either way, I had a blast and am still blasting!

2010 looks to be a busy and beautiful year. I have already met with many brides that are having fun cool weddings that I am honored to be a part of.

I do have to say that my #1 business "resouloution" is to keep up with photos and blogging. (Soo not my strong point) I am ashamed to see only 20 post last year! And photo's, another problem... unfortunately, remembering the camera on the check list has been missed! I am in the process of collecting professional photo's of 2009's weddings and will post ASAP.

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In closing I will leave you with a few pics from one of my last events in 2009.

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