Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry Fleet

I'd like to introduce you to the transportation for Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry...

First we have the truck...(aka "the flower hauler") This already has been invaluable for it's size and comfort. Only 2 short months into it's position with the "Fleet" the truck safely delivered us and the flowers all the way to Chicago! The outside looks nice, but unfortunately the inside is already full of water, stem and petal stains. And so it goes...

Next I'd like you to meet the newest/oldest member of the "Fleet". Our 1974 VW Bug. It was decided that a more fuel efficient car was needed for all of the short trips around town for consults etc. What a fun way to be "green"!

So if you see either on the road honk, wave and smile! I'd love to say Hi!

Featured in MN Meetings+Events

OK, I'm going to try and be modest here, but I AM SO EXCITED about the article in Minnesota Meetings+Events Magazine Summer 2009 issue!

I really can not believe how well everything is going and I truly feel blessed! Again, this is not something that I could have EVER done with out the help of my friends, family, associates and clients. A huge thank you to MN Meetings+Events magazine for noticing my company and giving me the ink!

I foresee this as being a busy, exciting and exhausting Summer and I'm ready for it all! I've been known to make the statement "fun is fun" and I'm thankful that at the moment "work is fun"...

Could Anything Be better Than Flowers?


"Little Man, Bear and Noodle" -all names are temporary:)

I'm sorry, I don't care who you born baby puppies are adorable! My dogs Jack and Lucy are the proud parents of 3 new puppies. They are looking for a good home, possibly your home???

Here are the stats-
They are Yorkie Poos (Father full blood Miniature Yorkie and Mother Yorkie and Toy Poodle mix).

Parents are small and around 5 lbs each.

There is a boy that will look like Jack and another boy that will look like Lucy only black (sorry the little girl "noodle" is spoken for).

They will be ready to leave mom around July 1st and they are pretty affordable for being such tiny bundles of joy!

Jack and Lucy

The Boys

Any interest or questions please email me at

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring is Harvest Time?

Yes it is! It is time to "harvest" the beautiful spring flowers! This past weekend I had a wedding and a corporate party and I was able to include some of my favorite flowers right from my own back yard.

My supply of Plum Blossoms! Ok, so not exactly my back yard on this one...

If it's not your back yard, be sure to get permission! Cutting in the dark can be dangerous:)

I incorporated Lilacs, Lily of the Valley, Plum Blossoms, and Variegated Hostas. It gave me an amazing sense of satisfaction cutting right from the plant and designing away, talk about fresh! It made me wish that I could plant acres and acres of flowers to use all Summer long for my clients. Unfortunately I do not have the time or the resources for such an endeavor so I am looking forward to supporting local growers this season.

It worked quite well that the clients were wanting a very fresh, vintage look. These classic blooms had no problem pulling that off, and of course a venue like the St Paul Hotel doesn't hurt either! For the vases I used a collection of crystal that I've been gathering from thrift stores for the last few months. All together I was extremely happy with the result and received the best complement ever when someone said it was very "Great Gatsby". I adore that book and time period, so much grace and style! Best of all, this weekend we achieved grace and style done in a completely "green" way! Who said this couldn't be done??

Here is shown the collection of vintage crystal and fresh cut local flowers.

One of my favorite details, a sprig of Plum Blossoms on every napkin.

A buffet piece also incorporating green Fern to add to the vintage "Gatsby" feel.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Plants vs. Flowers

A friend recently called me to ask if fresh flowers or a plant would be more appropriate for the birth of a new baby. My answer was fresh flowers for sure...not because this is my main expertise, but for actual practical reasons. New parents are not going to have time to take care of a house plant, they have a brand new human being to feed and nurture! Also, failing at keeping a house plant alive could shake the confidence of the new parents in their ability as care givers. Fresh flowers it is...

This got me to thinking about what is appropriate and when. How about sending something to someones office? Plants are great, but only if you know they have the light for it. If you are sending the gift later in the week flowers might not be the best choice since they will probably bloom out over the weekend.

Plants are great gifts to send when the extra care of them will not be a burden. They can be a sentimental reminder of growth and sustainability. Flowers are a better choice when the situation is busy or high stress. They tend to have more color and fragrance which can do a lot for the psyche. Either way, always remember to send something! Flowers/plants are becoming underestimated as gifts, let them know you care.