Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry Fleet

I'd like to introduce you to the transportation for Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry...

First we have the truck...(aka "the flower hauler") This already has been invaluable for it's size and comfort. Only 2 short months into it's position with the "Fleet" the truck safely delivered us and the flowers all the way to Chicago! The outside looks nice, but unfortunately the inside is already full of water, stem and petal stains. And so it goes...

Next I'd like you to meet the newest/oldest member of the "Fleet". Our 1974 VW Bug. It was decided that a more fuel efficient car was needed for all of the short trips around town for consults etc. What a fun way to be "green"!

So if you see either on the road honk, wave and smile! I'd love to say Hi!

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