Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Plants vs. Flowers

A friend recently called me to ask if fresh flowers or a plant would be more appropriate for the birth of a new baby. My answer was fresh flowers for sure...not because this is my main expertise, but for actual practical reasons. New parents are not going to have time to take care of a house plant, they have a brand new human being to feed and nurture! Also, failing at keeping a house plant alive could shake the confidence of the new parents in their ability as care givers. Fresh flowers it is...

This got me to thinking about what is appropriate and when. How about sending something to someones office? Plants are great, but only if you know they have the light for it. If you are sending the gift later in the week flowers might not be the best choice since they will probably bloom out over the weekend.

Plants are great gifts to send when the extra care of them will not be a burden. They can be a sentimental reminder of growth and sustainability. Flowers are a better choice when the situation is busy or high stress. They tend to have more color and fragrance which can do a lot for the psyche. Either way, always remember to send something! Flowers/plants are becoming underestimated as gifts, let them know you care.

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