Monday, April 20, 2009

Watch the colors change...

Being sick for over a week has made me go a bit stir crazy in the house. So what do I do? Paint the Kitchen, why not!?! Choosing paint colors proved to be much more difficult than I had anticipated. I swear the lighting they have over the paint swatches is designed to make you make the wrong choice, buy the paint, return to make a new choice once you realized you painted your kitchen the most sickening shade of orange, pick what you think is a great shade a green and spend more money on that... UGH!!
It made me realize though how important lighting can be when it comes to colors. When thinking about an event and the flowers, it is important to take that into consideration.

Here is an example of a wedding I did a while back. Just the flash alone changed this rich coral color to an average pink.

Another example of how this linen went from a gorgeous ink blue to black.

This is why I suggest incorporating shades of the same color (ie. Coral...Use tones of peach, salmon, coral, and melon to pull out both the orange and red/pink tones that make up that color). Not only does it add depth to the arrangements but ensures that when the lighting changes one, if not more, of your colors will translate.

I also need to stress to anyone planning and picking flowers-Mother Nature is unpredictable... Getting the right colors is important, but there is so only so much you can control. Communicate with your designer and trust their judgement, they've seen the flowers many times and know how it will all look in the end. Besides things are better when they are not EXACTLY matchy matchy. Coordinating and complementing is key!

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