Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where is my Season?

With the unusually cool weather, my sickness and stint in the hospital, and just being to busy; I feel that I have lost this Summer completely! I'm feeling sad today because it feels like it's almost over and I haven't even had a back yard BBQ yet! So to cheer myself up and anyone else who is feeling the same way I wanted to post some pictures of the most Summery fun centerpieces I've done so far. Just looking at these amazing photos from LaVie Photography makes me happy!

These were designed for and event last month at Solera. The clients wanted a whimsical garden look but not too messy. It was all based around a red, ice blue, green and white color scheme.

Enjoy and may the warm weather, BBQ's and beach still come!

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  1. you MUST have a bbq! it wouldnt be summer without at least one party at Summer's house!