Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Duel of the Design...Part Deux

The Duel is fast approaching! I hope you all can make it on March 5th to this crazy cool evening. Last year I competed with Todd Pinzuti from Bungalow 6 Design, and our table won! I have to admit that it was a little bit nerve racking to design in front of such a crowd and to not know what I would be doing until the moment of. Once we got rolling and Todd laid out the concept, I had a blast! He created a modern table setting that was elegant and sufficiently funky using greys and yellows. I had joked before going up there that I would probably have to design with yellow, as it was not my favorite color. I designed a tall spouting arrangement featuring delicate Oncidium Orchids and colored water, after that creation I became a believer in the power of yellow! It was a fantastic finished product and it was a complete pleasure working with such a fabulous designer as Todd.
I am looking forward to this year and all of the new added features. There are many new things in store, or so I hear...the designers of the Duel are keeping the surprises just that. I'm still a little nervous about the "on the spot" pressure of designing something fabulous, but it's a good kind of nervous! It truly helps to have such amazing team members. Whether it is Bungalow 6 or Mi Mi Design that I get paired with, the creative process is bound to be a fun one! Come see it unfold!

Our winning table-photo by Greg Jansen

Yellow Roses, Yellow Cymbidium Orchids and White Hydrangea

Our winning table-photo by Greg Jansen

Yellow Oncidium Orchids, White Dendrobium Orchids and Bear Grass

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